Sikorsky HH-52A Seaguard

Oct. 22, 2020


U.S. Coast Guard Aviation History

Sikorsky HH-52A Seaguard

Manufacturer: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Designation: HH-52A

Other Designation: S-62C, HU2S-1G

Aircraft Type: Amphibious Helicopter

Cost: $250,000 (1963)

Rotor Diameter: 53 ft 0 in.

Blade Area: 2,206 sq. ft.

Height: 16 ft. 0 in.

Length: 44 ft. 6.5 in.

Top Speed: 109 kts.

Cruising Speed: 85 kts.

Sea Level Climb:1,080 ft./min.

Range: 474 nm.

Empty Weight: 5,083 lb.

Gross Weight: 8,300 lb.

Service Ceiling: 11,200 ft.

Powerplant: General Electric T-58-GE-8B turboshaft (1,250 shp. Derated to 730 shp.

Takeoff Power: 730 shp.


Passengers 10

Historical Information:

The Sikorsky HH-52A helicopter was developed from a Sikorsky commercially developed S-62 amphibious helicopter which mated the dynamic components form the S-55 (HO4S-3/HH-19G) helicopter with a boat hull and a light weight turboshaft engine.  Sikorsky funded a “Fly before you Buy”  USCG Test Program conducted by LCDR Frank Shelly, a Navy Test Pilot School Graduate, and ADCM Clayton Roll, a former Enlisted Naval Aviator(AP), at the Naval Air Test Center, Patuxent River, Maryland.  This Test Program confirmed the contractor claims for performance and suitability to fill the mission.  A contract for the initial quantity of helicopters was signed on June 21, 1962.  The first of 99 helicopters was delivered on January 9, 1963.  The last HH-52A helicopter was delivered on January 17, 1969.  During 26 years of service the HH-52A saved over 15,000 lives.  The last flight of the HH-52A helicopter was on September 12, 1989



HH-52A 3-view drawing


HH-52A 1383 rescues man from roof St. Bernard Parish Louisiana in 1965 after hurricane Betsey.  HH=52A helicopters rescued 1,200 people after hurricane Betsy.

HH-52A 1355 making water pickup using the rescue platform which permits rescues more quickly than hoisting survivors


HH-52A 1364 making rescue using basket and hydraulic rescue hoist.


HH-52A lands on board the CGC Westwind during flight operations in Gravesend Bay, NY, March 1964.


HH-52A 1367 picks up cargo in Antarctica while serving aboard CGC Northwind in 1986


USCG crew picks up last HH-52A delivery January 1969


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