Vietnam Commemoration: 50 Year Anniversary

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The U. S. Coast Guard in Vietnam   



As America’s role in the Vietnam conflict escalated,  President Lyndon B. Johnson committed the Coast Guard for deployment to war-torn Southeast Asia.  82-foot Point-class patrol boats proved to be both adaptable and capable in the conduct of interdiction and combat missions.  Five high endurance cutters (WHEC), primarily assigned to the Gulf of Thailand, supported a variety of combat missions.  The Coast Guard also provided port security , Explosives Loading Detachments, installation and maintenance of aids-to-navigation, established LORAN stations in both Vietnam and Thailand, and conducted search and rescue missions. Some eight thousand Coast Guardsmen served in Vietnam, supporting both combat and traditional service missions.

The United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration

The Vietnam War Commemoration (VWC) leads the national initiative to thank and honor Vietnam War Veterans and their families in cities and towns across America. Major league sports teams, corporations, and the branches of the military participate as commemorative partners to finally welcome home our Vietnam veterans.

More than 8.7 million Americans served on active duty during the Vietnam period (Nov 1, 1955 to May 15, 1975). According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, we are losing an estimated 500 Vietnam veterans every day. 

Approximately 8,000 Coast Guardsmen served in Vietnam – but our legacy does not stop there. The Coast Guard seeks to lead the way and individually present Vietnam Veterans with the Vietnam Veteran Lapel Pin to provide a lasting memento of the nation’s thanks. All units are encouraged to collaborate with their communities,  colleagues, families and veterans groups to plan and host events to present the pins with dignity to as many Vietnam Veterans as possible, and recognize the selfless service of this remarkable generation of unsung patriots.

The US Vietnam War Commemoration will be held on the National Mall 11-13 MAY 2023. For more information, please click on the links below: 

Event Schedule 


Upcoming Events:

Date  Host  Location
May 11-13, 2023

Vietnam War Commemoration

National Mall, Washington, D.C.

Past Events:

Date Host  Location Photos
May 18, 2018 Sector North Bend Coos Bay, OR View Photos
March 29, 2018 Coast Guard Yard Baltimore, MD View Photos
February 3, 2018 CG Auxiliary FLOTILLA 25-11 Middle Potomac Fredericksburg, VA View Photos
November 9, 2017 CG Headquarters Washington, DC View Photos


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In 2002 Captain Paul A. Lutz, USCG (Ret.), provided the Coast Guard Historian's Office with the following memoir where he describes three different incidents that occurred during Sherman's Vietnam cruise in 1970, where the cutter was assigned, under his command, to Coast Guard Squadron Three. Sherman carries the distinction of having sunk, in combat, a North Vietnamese trawler that attempted to land arms and ammunition to enemy forces in South Vietnam. Captain Lutz describes that battle in exciting detail. Sherman also carried out an intelligence mission, bringing her dangerously close to Communist Chinese territory, in an operation that once again demonstrated the varied capabilities and responsibilities of the nation's oldest continuous sea-going service. In the final narrative, Captain Lutz describes how medical personnel from Sherman, though under threat of Communist attack, saved a Vietnamese village from a cholera epidemic, a humanitarian mission that brought great credit to Sherman, her crew, and the U.S. Coast Guard.
CAPT Paul Lutz - Recollec...
A poster developed and produced by Assistant Historian Beth Crumley that contains images and quotations of & by USCG personnel who served in Vietnam
USCG in Vietnam -- Quotat...
A poster developed and produced by Assistant Historian Beth Crumley that contains images of art painted by USCG combat artist Noel Daggett who served in Vietnam.
USCG in Vietnam -- Combat...
A poster developed and produced by Assistant Historian Beth Crumley that contains images and information regarding the USCG aviators who served with the USAF in Vietnam as members of the ARRS.
USCG in Vietnam -- USCG -...
A wonderful graphic map researched, designed and developed by noted USCG Historian's Office Volunteer Historian, Archivist, Curator & Collections Manager CAPT Larry Hall, USCG (Ret.) that depicts the USCG units that served in Vietnam and notes their locations within the Vietnam theater of operations during the war, 1965-1975.
USCG in Vietnam -- CG Uni...
Coast Guard at War, by Dr. Robert Scheina.  An overview of the USCG (and predecessor agencies) national defense history from 1790.  Published in the February 13, 1987 issue (Vol. 4-87) of Commandant's Bulletin, pp. 13-40.
Coast Guard at War (Overv...
MACV News Release No. 14-66
CGC POINT WHITE's combat action against a Viet Cong junk, March, 1966.
1966 CGC Point White'...
CGC POINT WHITE -- Letter from Commander, Coast Guard Squadron One (CAPT R. J. LoForte) to Commander, Western Area regarding the action of the POINT WHITE in the sinking of a Viet Cong junk with 16 Viet Cong on board in Soi Rap River in March 1966.  Letter dated 14 March 1966.

Includes award citation for a Navy Commendation Medal for LT Eugene J. Hickey, Jr., USCG.

Scanned by CAPT Larry Hall, USCG (Ret.)
1966 CGC Point White Acti...
"The Role of the United States Coast Guard in the Vietnam War: An Evaluation" by Maura McCawley.
Role of USCG in the Vietn...
Memo dated April 16, 1965 from SECNAV Paul H. Nitze to SECTREAS Henry Fowler requesting USCG support to USN in Vietnam (DECLASSIFIED).
1965 Memo from USN To Tre...
A series of color slides from Captain Gerald Underwood's service in Vietnam where he commanded CGC POINT BANKS based out of Cat Lo, Vung Tau and also commanded LORAN Station Con Son, South Vietnam.
CAPT Gerald Underwood'...
A 2010 PowerPoint presentation developed by then-Assistant CG Historian, Christopher B. Havern, Sr. covering the history of the Coast Guard's national security mission.
USCG Combat History by Ch...
A Naval Message from VADM Zumwalt to CGC INGHAM as INGHAM finishes its tour of duty in Vietnam, 4 March 1969 & complete personnel roster & sailing list
VADM Zumwalt 1969 Bravo Z...
A first-person account of the history of the CGC POINT BANKS while in service with Coast Guard Squadron One by LCDR Larry Fuchs, USCG (Ret.).
Squadron One & CGC PO...
CGC CAMPBELL's commemorative cruise book of her tour of service in the waters of Vietnam, circa 1967-1968 as part of Coast Guard Squadron Three.
CGC Campbell's Vietna...
A PowerPoint presentation covering the U.S. Coast Guard's role in combat in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.
USCG Combat Operations in...
US Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton's (WHEC-715) Deployment to Vietnam, August 1969 - June 1970
As Told by the Commanding Officer, Captain James H. B. Morton, In Letters called "Family-Grams" to the Folks Back Home

Organized and prefaced by RMC (RET) C. Brent Cole
(RM3 during deployment)
Fireman Heriberto Segovia “Eddie” Hernandez
“The Boxer”
by Mark A. Snell
Fireman Heriberto Hernand...
Lieutenant Jack Columbus Rittichier:
“James Dean and Marlon Brando All in One Package”
by Mark A. Snell
Jack Rittichier
USCG Killed in Action in Vietnam
Killed in Action, Vietnam