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Coast Guard Commandant, ADM Linda Fagan meets SEC DEF Austin Lloyd at the Shangri-La Dialogue 2022. On her first trip abroad as Commandant of the Coast Guard, ADM Fagan met with Naval, Military and Diplomatic leaders from all over the Pacific and the world.
ITASCA Logbook 07-02-1937
In 1937 Amelia Earhart sought to become the first female pilot to circumnavigate the globe. This logbook page documents the shift in mission for crew of CGC ITASCA on 2 July. After initial comms between Earhart and ITASCA ceased, the mission shifted from support as Aid to Navigation to Search & Rescue. And the Coast Guard Was There!
Alexander Hamilton, 1st Secretary of the Treasury, 1789-1795
On 4 Aug 1790, Congress passed the Appropriations Act authorizing the construction of "a system of cutters" to enforce customs law and help fill the coffers of our struggling new Nation. This act led to the further development of what would become the Revenue Cutter Service. And the Coast Guard was Born!
Flight of the Wright Flyer
On December 17, 1903, the Wright Brothers made history with the first heavier-than-air flight. This iconic image was taken by US Life-saving Service Surfman John T. Daniels. And the Coast Guard was there!
USCGC Polar Star
USCGC Polar Star, on OPERATION DEEP FREEZE 2016.Thirty years before this mission, and newly graduated from the US Coast Guard Academy in New London, current CG Commandant ADM Linda Fagan served aboard this vessel as Deck Watch Officer (1985-87). Today, she serves as first female CG Commandant, and first woman to lead a US Military Service.
Jaws of Death
"The Jaws of Death" - An official U.S. Coast Guard photograph by CPHOM Robert F. Sargent, USCG. A Coast Guard-manned LCVP from the U.S.S. Samuel Chase disembarks troops of the First Division on the morning of 6 June 1944 at Omaha Beach. CLICK on this iconic image to learn more about the CG's historic role at Normandy.
USRC Harriet Lane
On 11 April, 1861, U.S. Revenue Cutter HARRIET LANE fired the first naval shot of the Civil War firing on merchant vessel SS NASHVILLE while attempting resupply of Major Anderson and troops at Ft. Sumter...And the Coast Guard Was There!
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