Celebrating BLACK HISTORY MONTH: African-American Coast Guard gun crew at their post during World War II.
African-American gun crew aboard cutter during World War II. Please click the image to learn more about contributions of Black Americans to the Coast Guard and our Nation.
Jacob Lawrence, Ship's Artist aboard Sea Cloud
"Ship's Artist Jacob Lawrence." Lawrence served as steward's mate until his C/O, Carleton Skinner, aboard the first officially integrated Navy warship, USS SEA CLOUD, recognized Lawrence who prior to the war was a noted artist. He made Lawrence SEA CLOUD's "Ship's Artist." Click the image to learn more about SEA CLOUD and Coast Guard integration during WWII.
SPARs Olivia Hooker & Eileen Cooke
SPAR trailblazers Olivia Hooker (left) and Aileen Cooke (right). Click the image to learn more about SPAR Hooker, the first African American woman to don a Coast Guard uniform.
Autographed copies of ROOTS by Alex Haley, two of the gems in the CG Historian's Office Library & Archives. After serving in the Coast Guard in World War II, Haley continued to serve in CG uniform as a correspondent until 1959.
After his service, Haley wrote about and/or interviewed Mohamed Ali, Malcolm X, and other prominent Americans. In 1965, Haley interviewed the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Click on the image to learn more about Alex Haley's service to the USCG and our nation.
Winter photo of Atkins Hall ca. 1896, located at St. Elizabeths Government Hospital, and current home of the Coast Guard Historian's Office.
Atkins Hall, on the campus of St. Elizabeth's Hospital, circa 1896. The Coast Guard Historian's Office is located here. National Archives photo (RG 418-G-25).
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