Atkins Hall
Atkins Hall, on the campus of St. Elizabeth's Hospital, circa 1896. The Coast Guard Historian's Office is located here. National Archives photo (RG 418-G-25).
USRC Rush Officers & Crew
The officers and crew of the U.S. Revenue Cutter Rush, 1 November 1908.
Officers & Crew of USCGC Yocona, 1925
Officers & Crew of USCGC Yocona, 1925
SPAR Chiefs In Cleveland
Original caption reads: "SPAR CHIEFS IN CLEVELAND [;] Chief Petty Officer is the new title of four SPARS on duty in Cleveland who have been advanced recently to the highest enlisted rating in the service. Left to right: Judith Balinsky, Chief Yeoman, of Akron; Leone Peppard, Chief Storekeeper, of Grand Forks, North Dakota; Leta Belgard, Chief Storekeeper, of Fairport, New York, and Frances Brown, Chief Yeoman, of San Francisco." Scan provided by BMCS Tina Claflin, USCG (Ret.) via the National Archives. Original photo taken by PhoM1c R. Sabo (?) on December 8, 1944.
First Women SPARS in 25 Years
Original caption: "First New Group of SPARS to receive basic military training in 25 years. August 1972 -- First new class of SPARs to receive basic military training in 25 years graduates at U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Training Center, Yorktown, Va. The class consisted of two groups of about 30 each, completing two weeks of indoctrination."
Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina punt rescue, August 2005
Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina helicopter rescue August 2005
USCGC Polar Star
USCGC Polar Star, Deep Freeze 2016
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