Photographs, including reproductions and scans of drawings, illustrations, and images, depicting the U.S. Coast Guard and its five predecessor agencies: the Revenue Cutter Service, the Life-Saving Service, the Lighthouse Service, the Bureau of Navigation, and the Steamboat Inspection Service from the Coast Guard Archives and Special Collections, Coast Guard, and National Archives.

NOTE: Images provided are in the public domain.

Images & Photographs
83-foot Coast Guard cutter USCG 1 off Omaha Beach on the morning of D-Day.
Omaha Beach: LCVPs from the Samuel Chase approach under fire.
The aftermath: debris litters the beaches of Normandy.
The mortally damaged LCI(L)-85, her decks littered with the dead, lays alongside the transport Samuel Chase. Her crew managed to disembark the survivors before sinking. Note how the censor scratched off the dead man's face.
A burning landing craft approaches the Omaha beachhead.
Omaha Beach at low tide
A memorial plaque in England
Two RAF flight crew members from a Mosquito bomber that crashed in the English Channel are rescued by the crew of a Coast Guard 83-foot cutter of Coast Guard Rescue Flotilla One.
Coast Guard LCI(L)-83 disembarks troops at Omaha Beach, D-Day, 6 June 1944. She struck a mine upon landing and lay disabled on the beach, under enemy fire, until her hull was patched and she was able to get underway.
A Coast Guard LCVP on the way to Omaha Beach
A photo of a Coast Guard cutter at Normandy
The Coast Guard-manned assault transport USS Bayfield, flagship of the Utah Beach invasion forces.
Bound for Normandy: U.S. Army troops on board a Coast Guard-manned LCI(L), the night of 5 June 1944.
Coast Guard Rescue Flotilla One's "USCG 1" off Normandy.
British LCT's line the Normandy shore, each with a barrage balloon designed to discourage enemy air attack.
Coast Guard LCI(L)-350, one of the veteran landing vessels of Coast Guard Flotilla 10, a veteran of the invasions of Sicily, Salerno, and Normandy
Coast Guard Flotilla 10 tied up in the background along
with British landing craft, prepare to sail the English Channel and invade Nazi-occupied France. These landing craft landed U.S. troops on Omaha Beach.
The Coast Guard-manned assault transport USS Joseph T. Dickman.
LCI 85 At Slapton Sands for a training exercise
LCI(L)-326 en route to Utah Beach on D-day.