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Muster rolls are periodic reports (usually monthly) which document the personnel of a particular ship at the very least capturing their names, the name or number of the ship or station, and date of muster. Often times other information is included - such as pay information, special events of that month (e.g. - promotions, transfers, courts of inquiry/courts martial, etc.) Revenue Cutter/Coast Guard differ from Navy musters with inclusion of officer personnel.

Five such series of Muster Rolls are located at the National Archives Building in Washington DC and provide the greatest extent of such records dating 1831 - 1949 and are posted here to assist with research.  If you locate a particular muster of interest you may write to archives1reference@nara.gov to request a copy. Be sure to cite the series, box/volume, date and name of ship/station. Please note there are very few musters prior to 1833 due to a devastating fire in the Treasury building in that year. Additionally, if you do not locate a muster roll in these lists, you may wish to consult corresponding Navy muster rolls, as the RCS/CG often joins Naval forces in war time. Lists of officers may also often be found in beginning pages of logbooks. For World War II, musters include CG-manned Navy and Army vessels.  Click on the links below to get started....