Brazos Santiago Lighthouse

July 10, 2019

Brazos Santiago Lighthouse, Texas


Location: Brazos Santiago Pass, Padre Island
Station Established: 1853
Year Current/Last Tower(s) First Lit: 1943
Operational: No
Automated: 1939
Tower Shape/Markings/Pattern: Hexagonal screw-pile structure; dwelling, slate-color; piles, roof, and lantern, black (1903)
Height: 30' (1854); 60' (1903)
Original Lens: Fifth order Fresnel, 1854; Fourth order (1903)
Characteristic: Fixed white
Fog Horn: None

Historical Information:

  • Original light was a moveable wood structure with wheels.
  • First tower was built in 1864.  It was constructed of wood and was 30 feet in height.
  • Tower was rebuilt in 1864 and four feet was added to its height.
  • Keeper's wife was killed and the tower destroyed during the 1874 hurricane.
  • Tower was rebuilt in 1879 as a wooden cottage-style screw-pile structure.
  • Tower burned down in 1940.
  • By 1943 the light was placed on a Coast Guard building.