Fort Point Light (TX)

Aug. 6, 2019

Fort Point Light, south side entrance to Galveston Bay, Galveston, Texas


Station Established: 1881
Year First Lit: 1882
Operational: No 
Automated: N/A
Deactivated: 1909
Tower Shape/Markings/Pattern: White hexagonal screw-pile structure; piles, red; blinds, green; lantern and dome, black.
Height: 47' 6"
Original Lens: Fourth Order, Fresnel
Characteristic: Fixed white with three fixed red and two dark sectors.  One red sector between S. by W. 1/4 W. and SSW., a dark sector between WSW. and W. 1/4 S., a red sector between W. 3/16 N. and WNW. 1/2 W., a dark sector between WNW. 1/2 W. and NNE., and a red sector between NNE. and NNE. 1/2 E.
Fog Horn: Bell struck by hand

Historical Information:

  • Land reserved for public use by the Republic of Texas in 1836.
  • On 28 June 1878, Congress authorized $15,000 for construction of a lighthouse at Fort Point.
  • Light completed and lit in 1882.
  • Light was discontinued on 31 July 1909 but remained as a fog signal station.
  • Station retained an active fog signal until 1950.
  • Dismantled in 1953.