Lincoln Rock Lighthouse

Sept. 10, 2019

Lincoln Rock (Lincoln Rocks) Lighthouse, Clarence Strait southeastern Alaska

Original structure buils in 1903, abandoned in 1909, replaced by a 1911 manned fog signal, with a skeletal light tower added in 1944.  Deactivated in 1968, demolished.


Location: Clarence Strait
Date Built: 1903
Type of Structure: Wooden
Operational: No
Date Automated: N/A
Deactivated: March 1968.
Height: 41' above land.  58' above water
Foghorn: Daboll trumpet
Builder: Lighthouse board laborers after contract annulled.
Foundation Material: Concrete Pier
Construction Material: Wooden Structure
Original Lens: 4th Order Fresnel
Characteristics: Fixed white light
Status: Demolished


  • The lighthouse contract was award in March of 1902, but due to problems with weather and use of substandard materials construction was not completed until late 1903.  On December 1st 1903 the station was first lit.
  • The station continued to be plagued with bad weather when part of the landing platform was soon carried away by high seas. The station was damaged repeatedly in November 1909 and again in April of 1910 by severe weather.  After establishing a temporary light, the keepers evacuated Lincoln rock in December of 1910.
  • In 1911 congress appropriated money to reconstruct the lighthouse for a cost not to exceed $25,000.  A manned fog signal station was established on a small islet about 440 yards from the lighthouse site.  The construction of this new station was completed and the station was lit on October 10, 1911.
  • The light was disestablished in 1968.  The station was later demolished and only the foundation of the buildings remain.