Little Cumberland Island Lighthouse

Sept. 10, 2019

Little Cumberland Island Lighthouse, Camden County, Georgia


Station Established: 1838 
Year Current Tower(s) First Lit: 1838 
Operational: No 
Automated: No 
Deactivated: 1915 
Foundation Materials: Brick 
Construction Materials: Brick 
Tower Shape / Markings / Pattern: White tower
Height: 71' 
Relationship to Other Structure: Separate 
Original Lens: 14 Lamps; later a Third Order, Fresnel
Characteristic: Fixed white
Fog Signal: 

Historical Information:

  • The first lighthouse to market Little Cumberland Island was built in 1820. This light was moved to Florida in 1838 and became the Amelia Island Lighthouse.
  • In 1838 the current tower was completed. 
  • Prior to the Civil War the tower was often referred to as the St. Andrew Light because it is on St. Andrew Sound. 
  • During the Civil War the tower was damaged and the light was darkened as were so many other lighthouses during the conflict.
  • In 1874 a brick wall was built to surround the tower and protect it from the encroaching sea. 
  • In 1890 an Oil House was built near the tower and in 1896 a boathouse was added to the station. 
  • In 1915 the light was decommissioned and the 3rd order Fresnel lens that had been installed at some point was removed. 
  • In 1920 the lighthouse became privately owned. In 1961 Little Cumberland Island Association purchased the light. 
  • In 1968 the light was briefly relit. It was also in this year that the keeper’s house was destroyed. 
  • From 1994-1995 the interior was renovated. By 1998 exterior renovations were also completed. In August of 1998 the light was added to the National Register of Historic Places.
  • The light is not open to the public.