Nawiliwili Lighthouse

Sept. 24, 2019

Nawiliwili Lighthouse (Ninini Point Lighthouse), overlooking Nawiliwili Bay, Lihue, Kauai County, Hawaii

Built in 1897.


Location: Ninini Point, north side entrance to the harbor on Kauai Island
Station Established: pre 1897 (some sources); 1906 (NPS)
Year Current Tower(s) First Lit: 1933
Operational: Yes
Automated: Yes, 1953
Deactivated: n/a
Foundation Materials: Masonry
Construction Materials: Concrete
Tower Shape: Cylindrical
Markings/Pattern: Buff
Relationship to Other Structure: Separate
Original Lens: First order bivalve, Fresnel
Characteristic: Fixed white (originally); flashing white (by 1948)
Fog Signal: None

Historical Information:

  • Original tower was erected sometime prior to 1897.
  • Original tower was of wooden construction, a single *' x 8" timber, 34 feet in height with spikes driven into the structure for access to the light.  The light was an incandescent oil vapor lamp (300 mm) of 160 candlepower.  The focal plane height of the light was 65 feet above mean high water and visible five miles to seaward.  The light was lowered to the ground during daylight for cleaning and servicing.
  • On 1 March 1917 the light station property was purchased by the U.S. Government from the Lihue Plantation Company, Limited, a total of 3.2 acres, for the sum of $8.00.
  • The station was Improved with restoration work in 1932, including the construction of a new cylindrical tower of reinforced concrete.
  • The new tower was 118 feet above mean high water of 1,200,000 candlepower and was visible 17 miles to seaward.
  • In 1960 the light was up-graded to a capacity of 2,000,000 candlepower.
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 15 "adopted" the lighthouse in 1994.  Flotilla members promised to "maintain the light and the surrounding area, and carry on the old seafaring tradition of lighthouse keepers."