Scituate Lighthouse

Oct. 15, 2019

Scituate Lighthouse, Scituate, Massachusetts


Station Established: 1811 
Year Current/Last Tower(s) First Lit: 1811 
Operational? YES 
Automated? UNK 
Deactivated: 1860-1994 
Foundation Materials: NATURAL/EMPLACED 
Construction Materials: GRANITE/BRICK
Height: 25 feet 
Tower Shape: OCTAGONAL 
Relationship to Other Structure: ATTACHED
Characteristics: White over red light 
Original Lens: PAN LAMP 1811; Fresnel lens in 1855

Historical Information:

* 1810, May:  The Federal Government appropriated $4000 for a lighthouse to be built at the entrance of Scituate Harbor. 
* 1811, September 19:  The lighthouse was completed two months ahead of schedule making it the 11th lighthouse in the United States. 
* 1814, September:  Rebecca and Abagail Bates, "The Army of Two", warded off an attack by British soldiers by playing their fife and drum loudly.  The British retreated since they thought the sound came from the Scituate Town Militia. 
* 1827:  The height of the lighthouse was raised 15 feet and a new lantern room was added to improve the visibility of this lighthouse. 
* 1850:  Due to the construction of the Minot's Ledge Light the lighthouse was removed from service. 
* 1852:  The lighthouse was put back into service after a storm destroyed the first Minot's Ledge Light. 
* 1855:  The light received a new Fresnel lens. 
* 1860:  The light was once again removed from service after the second tower at Minot's Ledge was built. 
* 1891:  A skeleton tower was placed at the end of the jetty built in 1890.  Keepers for this new light were housed in the Scituate Lighthouse keeper's quarters. 
* 1916:  The lighthouse was put up for sale.  
* 1917:  The town of Scituate bought the lighthouse for $4,000. 
* 1924:  An acetylene automated light was installed at the skeleton tower and keepers were no longer needed. 
* 1958:  An automated electric beacon was placed on the jetty. 
* 1960's:  The lighthouse was still in a state of disrepair.  The Scituate Historical Society appropriated $6,500 for repairs. 
* 1988:  The lighthouse was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. 
* 1991, July:  The lighthouse was relit with the light visible only from land. 
* 2002:  Occasional tours are available from the Scituate Historical Society.


* Simeon Bates (1811-1834)
* Zeba Cushing (1834-1840)
* Ebenezer Osborne (1840-1849)
* James Bates (1849-1851)
* Anthony Waterman (1851-1853)
* Alonzo Jones (1853-1856)
* Thomas Richardson (1856-1860)
* John Prouty (1891-1904)
* John Frank Cushman (1904-1924)

Chronology was researched and written by Diane Hackney. Keepers added by Marie Vincent, volunteers through the Chesapeake Chapter of the U.S. Lighthouse Society.