Bellevue Range Lights

Nov. 1, 2019

Bellevue Range Lights, Christina River on the Delaware River, Wilmington, Delaware

Built in 1909, discontinued in 1934.


Location: Mouth of the Christina River on the Delaware River, Wilmington, Delaware
Station Established: 1909
Year Current Tower(s) First Lit: 1909
Operational: No
Automated: Yes
Deactivated: N/A
Foundation Materials: Concrete
Construction Materials: Cast iron
Tower Shape: Front--frame structure, square tower at center with a brown lantern; Rear--pyramid skeletal iron tower.
Markings/Pattern: Front--white; Rear--black
Characteristic: Front--flashing white; Rear--flashing white
Relationship to Other Structure: Separate
Original Lens: Fourth Order, Fresnel

Historical Information:

  • The lighthouse is on the grounds of a landfill.  Due to the expansion of the landfill the light was moved to a new structure.
  • The light station had two keepers’ dwellings at one time.  One was the former Christina Lighthouse.  The other was a concrete house.
  • The Bellevue Range Rear light was deactivated in 2001 when a modern tower was built to replace it.  The modern tower is an active aid to navigation
  • The Bellevue Range Rear Light is not open to the public.

Researched and written by Melissa Buckler, a member of the Chesapeake Chapter of the U.S. Light House Society.