Station Milwaukee, Wisconsin

June 22, 2021

Station Milwaukee, Wisconsin

USLSS Station #15, Eleventh District
Coast Guard Station #284


In McKinley Park, abreast of harbor, near north end of north breakwater, 1-3/4 miles north by west of Milwaukee Breakwater Light;

Date of Conveyance:


Station Built:



Turned over to the GSA in 1970


The original station site was chosen by S. Kimball and J. Murryman on 10 October 1874 and the local site was accepted by J. Murryman and John Elliot on 24 June 1875.  The conveyance was made 29 July 1875 by the City of Milwaukee for the price of $1.00.  On 23 September 1875 Klaus, Schwartz and Company were contracted to build the station for a total cost of 2,095.00.  It was accepted by the Service on 18 March 1876.  The station was designated as No. 10 Milwaukee, later changed to Milwaukee on 12 April 1883.  On 10 September 1879 C.P. Foote received a contract for repairs and alterations to the station for a cost of 1,285.00.


Henry M. Lee was appointed keeper on 19 AUG 1876 and left in 1880 (?)

John Evenson was appointed keeper on 23 MAR 1880 and resigned on 19 NOV 1884.

Neils A. Peterson was appointed keeper on 17 DEC 1884 and resigned on 23 OCT 1893.

Jason F. Pratton was appointed keeper on 7 DEC 1893 and resigned on 1 SEP1894.

Telesford Boutin was appointed keeper on 31 AUG 1894 and "discontinued service" 16 FEB 1897.

Henry Finch was appointed keeper on 10 MAR 1897 and "dispensed with service" on 27 FEB 1898.

Charles Carland was appointed keeper on 5 APR 1898 and transferred to Station Plum Island on 11 JUL 1901.

Ingar Olson was appointed keeper on 29 JUN 1901 and was still serving in 1915.


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