Aberdeen, 1943, CG-95003

March 31, 2020

USCGC 95003 (Formerly the Aberdeen, 1943)

Builder: American Pacific Whaling Company, Seattle, WA Built: 1912 Commissioned: Decommissioned: March 16, 1944 Length: 88 feet Navigation draft: 11 feet 5 inches Beam: 19 feet Displacement: 59 tons Propulsion: Unknown Shaft horsepower: 370 horsepower Maximum speed: Unknown Economical speed: Unknown Endurance (@ 8 knots): Unknown Complement: 10 person crew 1 Electronics: Unknown Armament: Unknown History: USCGC 95003, formerly the fishing the whaling vessel Aberdeen, was one of several ships transferred under the Coast Guard’s authority during World War II. Technological advances of the time made whaling vessels like the Aberdeen obsolete, so many of them were under emergency acquisition. Upon receipt from emergency transfer, vessels were used for coastal patrols and minesweeping operations. Within the first six months the United States became involved in World War II, German U-boats began taking a heavy toll on merchantmen close to the U.S. East Coast. The Coast Guard took large numbers of boats to patrol coastal waters. These vessels primary responsibilities included port security from enemy mines laid by U-boats, defense against enemy vessels, search and rescue operations, and coastal escort duties. These wood-hulled ships were ideal for mine sweeping duties because did not attract magnetic minds, and as patrol boats for their size. P