Aguacate, 1901

April 13, 2020

Aguacate, 1901

Builder: Unknown

Contracted: Unknown

Cost: Unknown

Machinery: Unknown

Length: 38'

Beam: Unknown

Draft: Unknown

Displacement: Unknown

Launched: Unknown

Acquired: 29 October 1901

Commissioned: 29 October 1901

Disposition: Decommissioned December 1901

Complement: Unknown

Cutter History:

A small 38' sloop, a US Army war prize from the Spanish-American War, was turned over to the Lighthouse Service and commissioned. The vessel served in Puerto Rico and was damaged severely in a storm causing it to be decommissioned.


Douglas Peterson. United States Lighthouse Service Tenders, 1840-1939.  Annapolis and Trappe, MD: Eastwind Publishing, 2000.


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