Antietam, 1864

April 15, 2020

Antietam, 1864

Builder: Fardy, Baltimore, MD

Cost: Unknown

Rig: Topsail schooner

Machinery: None

Length: Unknown

Beam: Unknown

Draft: Unknown

Displacement: 85 tons

Keel Laid: Unknown

Launched: 1854

Obtained: Purchased 1 March 1864

Disposition: Sold, 15 January 1870

Complement: 12

Armament: 1 30-pdr. Parrot rifle


A centerboard schooner purchased for $8.000 and sent to Beaufort, NC, 28 June 1864, Antietam became part of the Revenue Service's presence there, along with Agassiz, Brown, and Forward.

Other than accomplishing routine customs tasks, Antietam seized a schooner off Roanoke lsland in 1864. In 1867 the cutter transferred to Texas and was later sold at Mobile, AL for $2,800.


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