Arcturus, 1872

April 17, 2020

Arcturus, 1872

The brightest star in the constellation Boötes.

Builder: John Mahoney, New Orleans

Length: 45'

Beam: 15' 3"

Draft: 3'

Displacement: 15 tons

Cost: $1,100.00

Commissioned: 1872

Decommissioned: 1875

Disposition: Sold

Rig: Schooner-rigged launch

Machinery: None

Complement: ?

Armament: None


One of four Lyra-class wooden-hulled launches built for the Lighthouse Service. They were paid for with funds appropriated for the construction of the Trinity Shoals and Timbalier lighthouses in Louisiana. Each was used as a freight boat in the 8th Lighthouse District. Arcturus was laid up in 1880 and sold. Note that these were the first craft in the Lighthouse Service that were not named for flora and fauna.


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