Aster, 1908

April 22, 2020

Aster, 1908

Any of various plants of the genus Aster in the composite family, having radiate flower heads with white, pink, or violet rays and a usually yellow disk.

Builder: N/A

Length: 179'

Beam: 32'

Draft: 10'

Displacement: 870 tons

Cost: $200,000 appropriation ($100K on 27 May 1908; another 100K on 4 March 1909)

Launched: N/A (see remarks below)

Commissioned: N/A

Decommissioned: N/A

Disposition: N/A

Machinery: 2 triple-expansion inverted direct-acting steam engines with 2 Scotch-type boilers; 2 propellers.

Complement: Armament:

Tender History:

Construction for a new tender to replace the tender Geranium was authorized in 1908. Plans were drawn up for a 870-ton 179-foot tender tentatively named the Aster. Due to funding limitations, however, the Aster was never built and remaining funds were used to build two smaller tenders, the Fern and the Rose.


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