Uno, 1865 (Juniper, Peter G. Washington)

June 19, 2020

Uno (Juniper, Peter G. Washington), 1865

Built: Camden, NJ

Cost:  $7,000

Machinery: 24" diameter  x 20'' stroke, 1 screw, 10 kts

Length: 79' 6"

Beam: 18' 4"

Draft: 8'

Displacement: 116 tons

Keel Laid: Unknown

Launched: Unknown

Obtained:  Accepted on 20 March 1865

Decommissioned: 3 October 1883

Complement: 12

Armament: 1 20-pdr. rifle

Cutter History:

The first Juniper was purchased at New York from Solomon Thomas 7 June 1864; and commissioned at New York Navy Yard 11 July 1864.

Juniper sailed for Washington via Hampton Roads arriving at the Washington Navy Yard 17 July 1864. Two days later she was attached to the Potomac Flotilla where she served during the remainder of the war performing varied duties as a tug, dispatch vessel, and patrol ship. She sailed from the lower Potomac 5 May 1865 for the Washington Navy Yard, where she decommissioned 26 May. Juniper was sold to the Treasury Department.

Her name was changed to Uno on 27 July 1865.  The cutter was stationed at New York and on 25 November 1873 her name was changed to Peter G. Washington.  The cutter returned to New York, remaining on harbor duty until sent to Philadelphia in 1893. 

She was sold in Baltimore on 2 March 1906 for $405.


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