Warrington, 1871

July 7, 2020

Warrington, 1871

(Henry Warrington)

A former name retained.

Builder: J. M. Jones Shipyard, Detroit, Michigan

Length: 260'

Beam: 25' 6"

Draft: 12' 6"

Displacement: 410 tons

Cost: $25,000 (purchase price)

Commissioned: 1871

Decommissioned: 1910

Disposition: Sold

Machinery: Steam engine; 400 BHP; single propeller

Deck Gear: 

Performance & Endurance:

Complement: 20 (1907)

Armament: None

Tender History:

Warrington was built as the Great Lakes steamer Henry Warrington in 1868.  She was purchased by the Lighthouse Board in 1870 for use as a supply and construction tender.  She was assigned to the 11th Lighthouse District.

She was damaged by fire in 1879 but was repaired and returned to service.  During the 1890s she was based out of Detroit and she was used for the construction of the Spectacle Reef lighthouse.  Her engine and boiler were replaced in February of 1898 and she was then transferred to the 10th Lighthouse District and was based out of Buffalo, New York where she saw service as an engineering tender.

She was placed out of service in 1910 and was sold to the Hines Lumber Company.  She ran aground near Charlevoix, Michigan on 21 August 1911.


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