Wasp, 1825

July 7, 2020

Wasp, 1825

Any of numerous social or solitary insects, chiefly of the superfamilies Vespoidea and Sphecoidea, having a slender body with a constricted abdomen, two pairs of membranous wings, mouths adapted for biting or sucking, and in the females an ovipositor often modified as a sting.

Builder: Fisher & Webster, North Yarmouth, ME

Cost:  Unknown

Rig: Schooner

Length: 52'

Beam: 18' 3"

Draft: 6' 6" (fore); 7' 1" (aft)

Displacement: 62 tons

Keel Laid: Unknown

Launched: Unknown

Commissioned: Unknown

Decommissioned: Unknown

Disposition: Sold 7 January 1831

Complement: 13

Armament: 2 x 4-pounders


Design History: 

The contract for the vessels of this class called for rock maple keels, white oak planking, and spruce spars with a billet head and a square stern.

Cutter History:

This vessel was stationed at Norfolk, VA until her sale.


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