Thoris, 1943 (WYP 378)

Sept. 11, 2020

Thoris, 1943

WYP 378

Builder: Framnaes Mek, Vaerks A/S, Sordefjord, Norway

Commissioned: 1939 (commercial), 25 January 1943 Coast Guard

Decommissioned: 7 July 1943 and returned to owner

Length: 134'

Navigation Draft: 13' 9"

Beam: 25'6"

Displacement: 616 tons full load

Propulsion: steam, single screw

Shaft Power: 1,400 SHP

Maximum Speed: NA

Economical Speed: NA

Fuel Capacity: NA

Water Capacity: NA

Endurance: NA

Complement: NA

Armament: NA


Thoris was a former whaler and was acquired by the Coast Guard from the War Shipping Administration. The conversion costs were $13,750.

Thoris performed patrol duty in the WESTSEAFRON and was stationed at San Pedro California.


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