Beech, 1928

Nov. 5, 2020

Beech, 1928

WAGL 205

Beech: A tree of the genus Fagus, characterized by smooth, light-colored bark and edible nuts partly enclosed in a prickly husk, especially F. grandifolia of eastern North America.

Builder: Southern Shipyard Corporation

Length: 101' 3"

Beam: 23'

Draft: 7' 3"

Displacement: 255 tons (fl)

Cost: $133,306

Launched: 1927

Commissioned: January 1928

Decommissioned: 23 January 1963

Disposition: Sold, 28 August 1964 (sank in 1975)

Machinery: Triple expansion steam engine; coal-fired water-tube almy boiler; 200 BHP; single propeller; steam engine replaced in 1940 with a direct line 300 BHP Cooper-Bessemer diesel engine.

Performance: 8.0 knots; 2,600-mile range @ 7.5 knots (1959)

Deck Gear: "A" frame derrick; 10 ton boom capacity; electric winch

Complement: 11-13

Armament: None


Beech, a bay and sound tender built for use on Lake Champlain, replaced the tender Daisy.  The steel-hulled tender was built by the Southern Shipyard Corporation of Newport News, Virginia for the Lighthouse Service.  She entered service in January, 1928, and was assigned to the 3rd Lighthouse District at Staten Island, New York where she conducted general aids to navigation work.  She remained based out of Staten Island for her government career.  A year after the Lighthouse Service was merged into the Coast Guard, the Beech had her steam plant replaced with a Cooper-Bessemer diesel engine.  She continued with her general aids to navigation work as well as search and rescue when needed.

On 16 September 1958 she assisted the Jersey Central Railroad of Newark Bay, New Jersey in a search and rescue case.  On 12 January 1963 she assisted the fishing vessel Saint Anthony which was on fire 3 miles southwest of Peaked Hill Bar, Massachusetts.  She was decommissioned less than two weeks later on 23 January 1963.  She was sold the following year.


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