Bibb, 1861 (George M. Bibb)

Nov. 5, 2020

Bibb, 1861

Builder: Boston Navy Yard

Cost:  Unknown

Rig: Unknown

Machinery: Side-lever engines

Length: 150'

Beam: 23'

Draft: Unknown

Displacement: 366 tons

Keel Laid: Unknown

Launched: 1852

Commissioned: to Revenue Cutter Service on 31 May 1861

Decommissioned: Unknown

Disposition: Transferred to Coast Survey on 23 November 1861

Complement: 70 (with 11 marines)

Armament: 1 24-pdr., 1 12-pdr.

Cutter History:

The original Bibb was a Hunter's Horizontal Wheel vessel with an iron hull. After transfer to the Coast Survey in 1847, she was completely rebuilt at the Boston Navy Yard, possibly using some of her original machinery parts. The new vessel was wooden-hulled. This side-wheel vessel was in revenue service for a short time in 1861, then reverted to the Coast Survey. She struck a mine in 1865, with minor damage. She was in the Coast Survey until 1879.


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