Bowen, 1855 (USLHS)

Nov. 9, 2020

Bowen, 1855

Built at: Baltimore, MD

Cost: $6,000 (purchase price)


Rig: schooner

Length: 77'

Beam: 21' 6"

Draft: 5'

Displacement: 75 tons

Built: 1847

Acquired: February 1855

Commissioned: 1853

Disposition: Sunk August 1872

Complement: Unknown

Cutter History:

The private schooner G.L. Bowen was purchased in February 1855 at Key West and commissioned as Bowen. The tender was assigned to the 7th Lighthouse District as an engineering tender. It was later re-named Florida on 12 March 1855. In June 1872 the ship was re-assigned  to the 2nd Lighthouse District. It capsized and sank east of Gloucester, MA in August 1872. There were no deaths as a result of this loss.


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