Chowan, 1919

Dec. 3, 2020

Chowan, 1919

Type / Class: ex USN Tug 75

Dates of Service: 1919 - 1923

Disposition: Sold

Displacement: 215 tons

Length: 88'

Beam: 20'

Draft: 8' 9"

Machinery / Propulsion: Steam engine

Complement: 10

Armament: 2 x 1-pounders


These tugs were built for the Navy as part of the shipbuilding effort undertaken during World War I but they were completed after the end of hostilities.  Many were pressed into service with the Coast Guard to augment quickly the relatively small Coast Guard fleet when the service assumed the task of preventing the smuggling of alcohol by sea after the passage of the Volstead Act on 28 October 1919.

Ex-navy Tug 75 was taken over by the Coast Guard on 14 November 1919 at Norfolk, Virginia, was named Chowan, and was sent to the Coast Guard depot at Curtis Bay, Maryland.  She was out of commission by 1 January 1923 and was sold on 22 July 1924.


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