Cosmos, 1942 (WLI-293)

Dec. 9, 2020

Cosmos, 1942

WAGL / WLI-293

A tropical American plant of the genus Cosmos, bearing variously colored rayed flowers, especially C. bipinnatus, a tall, widely cultivated garden plant.

Builder: Dubuque Boat & Boiler Works, Dubuque, Iowa

Length: 100'

Beam: 24' 7"

Draft: 5' 4"

Displacement: 178 tons (fl)

Cost: $172,260

Launched: 11 November 1942

Commissioned: 5 December 1942

Decommissioned: 16 August 1985

Disposition: Unknown

Machinery: 2 Murphy 6-cylinder diesel engines; 330 BHP; twin propellers

Performance: 10.0 knots (maximum); 3,000 nm range @ 6.5 knots

Deck Gear: 5 ton boom capacity; hoist was air-powered

Complement: 16

Armament: None

Tender History:

The Cosmos, an inland buoy tender and one of eight Cosmos or Bluebell-Class tenders that entered service, were designed by the Coast Guard and constructed by the Dubuque Boat & Boiler Works of Dubuque, Iowa.  She was assigned to the 7th District and was stationed at St. Petersburg, Florida, where she served out of for her entire Coast Guard career.  She conducted general aids to navigation duties as well as search and rescue operations when needed.

On 3 January 1957 she assisted a Coast Guard Sikorsky HO4S helicopter in Tampa Bay.  On 25 February 1965 she escorted the German motor vessel Schanenberg, which had a fire on board, into Tampa.  

The Cosmos was decommissioned on 16 August 1985.


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