Crawford, 1849

Dec. 9, 2020

Crawford, 1849

William H. Crawford (1772-1834) was appointed in 1816 as Secretary of the Treasury by President James Madison and he continued under President James Monroe through 1825.


BUILDER: Jacob Tees, Philadelphia, PA

LAUNCHED:  1848?



DISPLACEMENT: 155 tons (contract)

LENGTH: 102 feet

BEAM: 23 feet

DRAFT: 9 feet, 7 inches

RIG: Topsail schooner


ARMAMENT: One 18-pdr, two 32-pdrs (CAMPBELL, 1849), one 32-pdr, one 24-pdr (DUANE, 1861)


These cutters were built by contract.  The DUANE and the CRAWFORD cost $16,700 total.  Dimensions given here are from the CAMPBELL (JOE LANE), the only ones remaining of the class.  The vessels dispensed with hammock rails and heavy head in favor of a clipper bow and hammock lockers.

The CRAWFORD was first stationed at Charleston, SC, and then at Key West, FL.  On 21 June 1852 she was transferred to the Coast Survey, not returning to Revenue Service until 31 May 1861.  Revenue Captain Howard was authorized to receive her from the Coast Survey in New York.

She joined the Union fleet at Hampton Roads, VA.  After the war she was assigned to Newport, RI, where she was sold 21 June 1869 for $4,180.


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