Dare, 1919

Dec. 22, 2020

Dare, 1919


Built: Jacksonville, FL

Cost:  Unknown

Machinery: Gasoline engine

Top Speed: 23 knots

Length: 40' 

Beam: 10'

Draft: 2'

Displacement: Unknown

Launched: 1913

Acquired : 15 September 1919

Commissioned: Unknown

Disposition: Sold 17 July 1924

Complement: Unknown

Armament: Unknown

Cutter History:

Referred to in naval records as Kathrich II, this motorboat was built by E.S. Thibault and was also designated SP-148. The boat became Dare in Coast Guard service on 18 December 1919 and AB-4 on 17 March 1923. The boat was stationed at Manteo, NC 


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