Diligence, 1797

Dec. 28, 2020

Diligence, 1797

Diligence: persistent application to one's work: assiduous effort.

Builder: Joshua Humphreys, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Length: 58' (keel)

Beam: 20'

Draft: 9'

Displacement: 135 tons

Rig: Schooner

Commissioned: 1797

Decommissioned: 1802

Disposition: ?

Complement: 65

Armament: 10 - 14 x 4 - 6-pounders

Cutter History:

The second cutter to bear the name Diligence entered service in 1797.  She operated under Navy control as of September 1798 and served as part of Commodore John Barry's West Indies Squadron.  However, she was apparently "unfit" for use by the Navy and was returned to her revenue service.

She was taken out of service in 1802.


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