Elm, 1938

Dec. 30, 2020

Elm, 1938

A deciduous tree of the genus Ulmus, with arching or curving branches, widely planted as shade trees.

Builder: Defoe Boat & Motor Works, Bay City, Michigan

Length: 72' 4"

Beam: 17' 6"

Draft: 17' 6"

Displacement: 75 tons

Cost: $77,177

Commissioned: 1 April 1939

Decommissioned: 30 July 1969

Disposition: Donated

Machinery: 2 Winton diesel engine (each 150 HP); twin propellers

Performance & Endurance:

        Max: 9.0 knots
        Cruising: 8.0 knots; 900 mile range

Deck Gear: Steel boom, electric hoist; 3 ton capacity

Complement: 17 (1964)

Armament: None


Tender History:

The second Elm to see service was a bay and sound tender built to work the coastal and inland waters of New Jersey.  She had a steel hull and a wooden superstructure.  She entered service in 1939 as the Lighthouse Service merged with the Coast Guard.

She was originally assigned to Atlantic City, New Jersey, in the 4th Lighthouse (later Coast Guard) District.  In 1942 she was given the designation and hull number WAGL-260.

Her engines were replaced in 1960 and she was redesignated WLG-72260 in 1965.  She was decommissioned and donated to a private organization in 1970.


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