EM Edwards, 1943

Dec. 30, 2020

EM Edwards, WYP-357, 1943

ex-Wilbert A. Edwards

Builder: M. M. Davis and Son, Solomons, Maryland

Commissioned: 1912 (commercial) 24 June 1943 Coast Guard

Decommissioned: 2 March 1944, returned to owner 13 March 1944

Length: 143' 4"

Navigation Draft: 11' 6"

Beam: 24"

Displacement: 550 tons full

Propulsion: diesel, single screw

Shaft Power: 600 BHP

Maximum Speed: 8 knots

Economical Speed: NA

Fuel Capacity: NA

Water Capacity: NA

Endurance: NA

Complement: 30 men (commercial)

Armament: Depth Charges

Vessel History:

A former fishing boat.  The EM in front of the name stood for Emergency Manning. Coast Guard records usually kept the EM before the name of the vessel.  The Coast Guard chartered this vessel for patrol duty for $500 a month.  The conversion costs were $108,142.

From 1943 to March 1944 she was assigned to the CARIBSEAFRON and was stationed at San Juan, Puerto Rico and used for patrol duty. 

Andy Stellhorn, the son of a former EM Edwards crewman noted that “My dad was quartermaster and signalman on commissioning crew and I possess his letter with info regarding its performance. . .He writes the ship made 8 knots top speed and was armed with depth charges.  The speed was so slow the shock from the detonation damaged electronics on board and so the ship was returned to private ownership.”


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