EM Seabird, 1943

Dec. 30, 2020

EM Seabird, WYP-330 (ex-Sea Bird

Builder: Portland Shipbuilding Co., South Portland, Maine

Commissioned: 1919 (commercial); 1 April 1943 Coast Guard

Decommissioned: 22 November 1943 and returned o owner 19 July 1944

Length: 163 ft

Navigation Draft: 13' 3"

Beam: 25 ft

Displacement: 690 tons full load

Propulsion: Steam, single screw

Shaft Power: 700 SHP

Maximum Speed: 7 knots

Economical Speed: NA

Fuel Capacity: NA

Water Capacity: NA

Endurance: 1,200 miles

Complement: NA

Armament: NA

Vessel History:

The EM Seabird was a former Menhaden fisherman.  The former Menhaden boats were used along the Atlantic Coast.  The EM in front of the name stood for Emergency Manning.  Coast Guard records usually kept the EM before the name of the vessel.  The Coast Guard chartered this vessel for patrol work.  The charter cost the Government $850 a month and cost $135,360 to convert the vessel for war purposes.

The EM Seabird was assigned to the EASTSEAFRON and was stationed at Little Creek, Virginia.