EM Wilcox, 1943

Dec. 30, 2020

EM Wilcox, WYP-333 (ex-Rowland)

Builder: R. Palmer and Sons, Noank, Connecticut

Commissioned: 1911 commercially, 8 September 1943 Coast Guard

Decommissioned: Sank 30 September 1943

Length: 132 ft.

Navigation Draft: 10' 7"

Beam: 22'3"

Displacement: 435 fl

Propulsion: 1 diesel engine

Shaft Power: 500 BHP

Maximum Speed: NA

Economical Speed: NA

Fuel Capacity: NA

Endurance: NA

Complement: 32 commercial, 38 Coast Guard

Armament: 1 20mm/80; dc tracks

Vessel History:

The Wilcox was a former Menhaden fisherman.  The Menhaden boats were used along the Atlantic Coast.  The EM in front of the name stood for Emergency Manning.  Coast Guard records usually kept the EM before the name of the vessel.  The Coast Guard chartered this vessel for patrol work.  The charter costs $500 a month and the conversion cost was $122,400.

The Wilcox was assigned duty in the CARIBSEAFRON and was stationed in San Juan.  She foundered and sank in a storm 94 miles due east of Nags Head, North Carolina.  There were 37 survivors and one man lost.