Fern, 1915

Jan. 4, 2021

Fern, 1915

Any of numerous flowerless, seedless, vascular plants of the class Filicinae, having fronds with divided leaflets and reproducing by spores.

Builder: Hall Brothers SB Company, Winslow, Washington

Length: 112'

Beam: 22'

Draft: 10'

Displacement: 317 tons

Cost: $62,100

Commissioned: 25 June 1915

Decommissioned: 1934

Disposition: Sold, 19 September 1934

Machinery: 1 triple-expansion vertical inverted steam engine; 1 water tube, oil-fired Almy-type boiler; single propeller

Performance & Endurance:


Deck Gear: Wood derrick, steam-powered winch

Complement: 12 - 19

Armament: None

Electronics: None (radio?)

Tender History:

The Fern was a bay and sound tender built for service in the northwest.  She entered commissioned service in 1915 and was assigned to the 16th Lighthouse District out of Ketchikan, Alaska.

She was decommissioned and sold in 1934.  She apparently was used as a fishing trawler as late as 1981.


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