Hackberry, 1945

Jan. 26, 2021

Hackberry, 1945

CG-65024D; ex-USA T-187

Any of various trees or shrubs of the genus Celtis, having inconspicuous flowers and small, usually ovoid drupes.

Builder: M. M. Davis & Son, Solomons, Maryland

Length: 65'

Beam: 16' 6"

Draft: 6' 6"

Displacement: 44.5 tons

Cost: $50,000 (conversion)

Commissioned: 1944 (Army); 5 September 1945 (USCG)

Decommissioned: 18 August 1964

Disposition: Transferred

Machinery: Superior MRD8-8R diesel engine; 160 HP; single propeller

Performance & Endurance:

        Max: 11.5 MPH
        Cruising: 10 MPH; 1,600 mile range

Deck Gear: 


Armament: None

Tender History:

The United States tender Hackberry was a wooden-hulled tender built for the Army Transportation Corps.  She was launched in 1944 as the T-187.  She was transferred to the Coast Guard and commissioned on 5 September 1945 as a buoy boat.  

She was assigned to the 9th District and was based at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.  She transferred to Detroit in 1946 for storage.  She was reactivated and sent to Charlevoix in 1955.  She transferred to Cape Vincent, New York on 15 May 1958.  She was named Hackberry sometime in the early 1960s.

She was decommissioned on 18 August 1964 and was transferred to HEW for donation to the College Center of the Finger Lakes on 9 September 1965.


Cutter History File.  USCG Historian's Office, USCG HQ, Washington, D.C.