Pyxie, 1923

Jan. 28, 2021

Pyxie, 1923

ex-General R. B. Ayres; later-Henry Carter

A creeping evergreen shrub (Pyxidanthera barbulata) having small white or pinkish flowers, native to pine barrens of the eastern United States.

Tender History:

Pyxie was the former Army small mine planter General R. B. Ayres, which originally entered service in 1909.  It was a 163-ton, 89-foot steel-hulled craft. 

It was acquired by the Lighthouse Service in January, 1922, at no cost.  It was commissioned USLHT Pyxie in 1923 and saw service as a towboat in the 3rd Lighthouse District. 

It was deemed unsuitable for further service and was returned to the Army later that year.


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