Henrietta, 1861

Jan. 31, 2021

Henrietta, 1861  

Former name retained. 

Cutter History:

Henrietta was a yacht that was owned by James Gordon Bennett, who also commanded her while she was in the Revenue Service.  She was a 170-ton schooner and belonged to the New York Yacht Club.  She was in Revenue service from June 1861 to May 1862 and participated in the capture of Fernandina, Florida, on 4 March 1862.  She was armed with three guns.  In 1866 she won the Great Ocean Transatlantic Race.

Photo of Henrietta

"The Yacht 'Henrietta,' 160 tons, Lieutenant James G. Bennett, Jun., Commanding, now attached to the Revenue Service."; line engraving from the 10 August 1861 issue of Harper's Weekly. Courtesy of the Naval Historical Center, #NH 59584.



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