Ivy, 1904

Feb. 1, 2021

Ivy, 1904

A woody climbing or trailing plant of the genus Hedera, native to the Old World, especially H. helix, with lobed evergreen leaves and berrylike black fruit.  

Builder:  Baltimore Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Company, Baltimore, Maryland

Length: 173'

Beam: 30' 5"

Draft: 13' 1"

Displacement: 877 tons

Cost: $123,860.46

Commissioned: 9 May 1904

Decommissioned: 6 November 1940 

Disposition: Sold

Machinery: 2 compound surface condensing steam engines; 2 Page & Burton watertube boilers; twin propellers; 700 SHP

Performance & Endurance:

        Max: 11.4 knots; 1,483 mile range
        Cruising: 10.5 knots; 1,400 mile range

Deck Gear: 

Complement: 27

Armament: None

Electronics: None


The Ivy was one of two tenders of the Magnolia-class that entered service in 1904, the other being Magnolia.  She was built by the Baltimore Shipbuilding & Drydock Company.  She was assigned to the 7th Lighthouse District and was based at Key West, Florida, as an engineering tender, where she served both the 7th and 8th districts.

In April 1914 she transferred to the 5th Lighthouse District and was assigned to Portsmouth, Virginia.  Her boilers were converted to diesel in March, 1930.  She was decommissioned on 6 November 1940.


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