Jonquil, 1943 (WAGL-179)

Feb. 3, 2021

Jonquil, 1943

ex-Lucinda Clark

A widely cultivated ornamental plant (Narcissus jonquilla) native chiefly to southern Europe, having long narrow leaves and short-tubed yellow flowers.

Tender History:

The United States tender Jonquil was originally built as the commercial tow boat Lucinda Clark in 1937.  She was a 107-ton, 76-foot diesel powered vessel.  She was leased on 6 January 1943 by the Coast Guard and was renamed Jonquil.  Her conversion for Coast Guard use cost $3,974.  She was assigned to the 9th District and was based at St. Louis, Missouri and Peoria, Illinois where she was used as an auxiliary icebreaker.

She was decommissioned and returned to her owners on 1 December 1943.


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