Lantana, 1943 (WAGL-310)

Feb. 6, 2021

Lantana, 1943

WAGL-310 / WLR-80310

An aromatic, chiefly tropical shrub of the genus Lantana, bearing small, variously colored flowers.

Builder:  Peterson & Haecker, Limited; Blair, Nebraska

Length: 80'

Beam: 30'

Draft: 6'

Displacement: 235 (full load) tons

Cost: $201,143.00

Commissioned: 6 November 1943

Decommissioned: 27 October 1991

Disposition: Stored, Memphis, Tennessee, Army Corps of Engineers' yard

Machinery: 3 Murphy diesel engines; 495 BHP; three propellers

Performance & Endurance:
        Max: 10.0 knots
       Cruising: 9.0 knots; 3,636 nautical mile range

Complement: 21 (1 CWO/WO; 2 CPOs; 19 enlisted

Armament: None (small arms only)

Electronics: Navigational


The Lantana was a river "pusher" tender designed to operate in tandem with a working barge.  Her barge, built in 1929 by Jones & Loughlin Steel Corporation, carried the hull number CGB-41.  She was also outfitted with a removable ice-breaking prow for use in the winter as an icebreaker.  She was designed by A. M. Deering of Chicago and was built by Peterson & Haecker Limited of Blair, Nebraska.

She was assigned to AToN duty in the 9th District and was stationed at Cape Girardeau and St. Louis, Missouri.  Her area of responsibility stretched for 203 miles of the Mississippi River, from Alton to Cairo, Illinois.  She transferred to Keokuk, Iowa in May of 1945 where she remained until 1962.

In February 1961 she was used to train Vietnamese officials.  On 1 August 1962 she transferred to Owensboro, Kentucky.  In early 1968 she assisted following a grounding by M/V Nelson M. Broadfoot that was towing two gasoline barges at Mile 533 on the Ohio River.

From 1978 to 1983 she was stationed at Hickman, Kentucky.  In 1983 she transferred to Natchez, Mississippi.


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