Larsen, 1919

Feb. 6, 2021

Larsen, 1919


Builder: General Shipbuilding and Aeroplane Co., Alexandria, VA

To USCG: 21 November 1919

Disposition: Sold 29 January 1923


Displacement (tons)- 75 tons

Length- 110' oa

Beam- 14' 8.75"

Draft- 5' 11"


Main Engines- 3 standard 6-cylinder gasoline engines


Propellers- three

Armament-1 1-pdr.

Design & Service:

The submarine-chaser construction program of World War I resulted in construction of 440 vessels, all of which were completed by February 1919.  To free steel supplies for larger vessels, all of these vessels were built of wood in various small shipyards.  Two-hundred twenty-one of these vessels were sent to Europe, but the rest were parceled out for other uses after the Armistice.  The majority of the Coast Guard vessels had short service lives because they were not economical to operate or maintain.  Many of these vessels were named for members of the torpedoed USCGC Tampa, lost during World War I.

This vessel was transferred at Key West, FL and loaned to the Prohibition Commissioner on 10 March 1922.  She was out of commission after January 1923.