Maple, 1893

Feb. 14, 2021

Maple, 1893

Builder: Samuel L. Moore & Sons Company, Elizabethport, New Jersey.

Length: 164'

Beam: 30'

Draft: 11' 10"

Displacement: 799 tons

Cost: $93,888.90

Commissioned: June 1893

Decommissioned: 1933

Disposition: Sold on 29 October 1933

Machinery: 2 compound steam engines; 2 Scotch-type boilers; twin propellers; 650 IHP

Performance & Endurance:


Deck Gear: Wood derrick with steam-powered winch

Complement: 26 (1910)

Armament: None

Tender History:

The United States Lighthouse Tender Maple was built by Samuel L. Moore & Sons Company in Elizabethport, New Jersey.  She was built as an Inspector's tender and was delivered on 26 May 1893.  She was assigned to the Fifth Lighthouse District out of Baltimore for her entire government career.  She tended aids to navigation along the Virginia coast.

During the Spanish-American War she transferred to the Navy and was returned on 6 February 1899.  Her wooden deckhouse was replaced by a steel deckhouse and her boilers replaced in 1901.

She was sold in 1933 and served as a barge.  She was dismantled in 1949.


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