Mistletoe, 1872

Feb. 27, 2021

Mistletoe, 1872

Any of various American parasitic shrubs, as Phoradendron flavescens of eastern North America.

Builder: Robinson Hoffman & Company, Chester, Pennsylvania

Length: 137'

Beam: 25' 5"

Draft: 7'

Displacement: 476 tons

Cost: $45,833

Commissioned: 1872

Decommissioned: 1921?

Disposition: Sold

Machinery: Steam engine; coal-fired boilers; 190 IHP; side paddle wheels.

Performance & Endurance:


Deck Gear: Wood derrick

Complement: 17 (1907)

Armament: None

Tender History:

The Mistletoe was built as an engineering tender.  She entered service in 1872 and was based in the 3rd Lighthouse District on Long Island Sound.  She was overhauled in 1881 and her hull was lengthened 16 feet.  She was overhauled again in 1892.  

The Mistletoe transferred to the Navy with the entire Lighthouse Service by Executive order dated 11 April 1917.  Assigned to the 3rd Naval District, she served during World War I as a patrol boat out of Section Base No. 8, Tompkinsville, Staten Island.  Following the end of the war, Mistletoe was returned to the custody of the Department of Commerce, 1 July 1919.  She was then transferred to Newport News, Virginia.  She was sold on 27 April 1922.


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