Moccasin (floating base), 1924

Feb. 28, 2021

Moccasin (floating base), 1924

Cutter History:

The Coast Guard acquired six "floating bases" for use as mobile floating headquarters units for the increasing patrol boat fleets coming into service for the enforcement of Prohibition.  They were: Argus, City Point, Colfax, Moccasin, Pickering, and Wayanda.  Four of the six were concrete-hulled vessels; the other two had wooden-hulls.  All had extensive cabin structures topside.

The Moccasin was the former Liberator.  She was a wooden-hulled vessel, 102' 6" by 47' 9" by 10', that was built in 1921 at Lybeck, Florida.  She was purchased from the Gibbs Gas Engineering Company on 20 August 1924 and commissioned on 17 November 1924.  She served at Miami, Florida.  She was stricken in 1927.


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