Nettle, 1879

March 1, 2021

Nettle, 1879

A plant of the genus Urtica, having toothed leaves covered with hairs that secrete a stinging fluid that affects the skin on contact.

Builder:  New York

Length: 58'

Beam: 9' 10"

Draft: 4' 6"

Displacement: 22 tons

Cost: $3,900

Commissioned: 1879

Decommissioned: 1911

Disposition: Sold

Machinery: Single Scotch-type coal-fired boiler; double steam engines; 25 IHP; single propeller

Performance & Endurance:


Deck Gear: None

Complement: 4 men

Armament: None

Tender History:

The Nettle was a small engineering tender that was initially assigned to the 5th Lighthouse District.  She was used in the construction and maintenance of unmanned lights on Lake Champlain.  She later saw service in the 7th, then the 5th, and finally the 3rd lighthouse districts.  She was rebuilt in 1882 and in 1885 received a new boiler and a new engine in 1889.  Her boiler was replaced again in 1893 and in 1900.

She was decommissioned in 1911 and was sold.  She then operated as a freighter until 1923.


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