Pine, 1918

March 7, 2021

Pine, 1918

Any of various evergreen trees of the genus Pinus, having fascicles of needle-shaped leaves and producing woody, seed-bearing cones. These trees are widely cultivated for ornament and shade and for their timber and resinous sap, which yields turpentine and pine tar.

Builder: Nyack Shipbuilding, Nyack, New York

Length: 61'

Beam: 15'

Draft: 5' 8"

Displacement: 56 tons

Cost: $16,187

Commissioned: 11 November 1918

Decommissioned: 1939


Machinery: Gasoline engine; 50 BHP; single propeller

Performance & Endurance:


Deck Gear: Wood boom on an "A" frame, gasoline engine hoist

Complement: 5

Armament: None

Tender History:

The Pine was an "inside waters tender" built for service in New Jersey's inlets.  She was assigned to the 3rd Lighthouse District where she served out of Thompkinsville, Staten Island, New York and Atlantic City, New Jersey.

She was taken out of service in 1939.


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