Pioneer, 1919

March 7, 2021

Pioneer, 1919


Built: Britt Brothers, West Lynn, MA

Cost:  Unknown

Machinery: Sterling 6-cylinder gasoline engine

Speed: 12 knots

Length: 58' 11"

Beam: 13'

Draft: Unknown

Displacement: 30 tons

Launched: 1915

Acquired: 15 September 1919

Commissioned: Unknown

Disposition: Unknown

Complement: 4

Armament: 1 x 3-pdr. (USN)

Cutter History:

Originally the USN Gurkha (SP-600) she was re-named Pioneer on 16 December 1919 and AB-9 on 6 November 1923. She was stationed in Massachusetts at Gloucester and Boston. She is last listed in the 1934 Coast Guard Register; an AB-9 in the 1935 and succeeding registers was a seized vessel of larger dimensions.


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