Swivel, 1961 (WYTL-65603)

Nov. 23, 2021

Swivel, 1961


A link, pivot, or other fastening so designed that it permits the free turning of attached parts.

Builder: Gibbs Corporation, Jacksonville, Florida

Length: 64' 11"

Beam: 19' 1"

Draft: 9'

Displacement: 74 tons

Cost: $158,366

Commissioned: 27 October 1961



Machinery: 1 diesel engine; 400 BHP; single propeller

Performance & Endurance:

        Max: 10.6 knots; 1,130 mile range
        Cruising: 7.0 knots; 3,690 mile range

Complement: 5

Armament: None

Electronics: SPN-11 detection radar

Tender History:

The steel-hulled harbor tug Swivel was one of fifteen 65-foot harbor tugs that entered service in the 1960s.  Each was built to replace the 64-foot wooden-hulled harbor tugs built during the 1940s.  The 65-footers remained unnamed until the mid-1960s.  Swivel was assigned to the First District and was based in Rockland, Maine and conducted towing, light icebreaking, search and rescue, and law enforcement boardings as needed.  On 25 March 1970 she escorted a ferry Governor Muskie following a bomb threat.


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