USS Sausalito, PF-4

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USS Sausalito, PF-4  

A city in California.

Builder:  Kaiser Cargo, Inc., Richmond, CA

Length:  303' 11"

Beam:  37' 6"

Draft:  12' 8" fl

Displacement: 2,230 tons

Propulsion:  2-shaft VTE, 3 boilers

Range:  9,500 nm at 12 knots

Top speed:  20 knots

Complement:  190

Armament: 3 x 3"/50; 4 x 40mm (2 x 2); 9 x 20mm; 1 x Hedgehog, 8 x depth charge projectors; 2 x depth charge racks.


Sausalito (PF-4) was laid down on 7 April 1943 as PG-112 under a Maritime Commission contract by Kaiser Cargo, Inc., in Richmond, California.  She was reclassified as PF-4 on 15 April 1943.  She was launched on 20 July 1943 and Mrs. Richard Shaler sponsored the new frigate.  The warship was commissioned on 4 March 1944, with CDR Edward A. Eve, USCG, in command.

After shakedown, Sausalito arrived at Adak, Alaska, on 5 October 1944 for convoy escort duty in the Alaskan Sea Frontier.  On 17 October 1944 CDR Eve was succeeded in command by LCDR Paul E. Trimble, USCG.  The Sausalito continued to perform convoy escort duties until departing for Oakland, California on 13 April 1944.  She departed for Mare Island on 26 September 1944 and arrived at Kodiak on 5 October 1944.  She remained based at Kodiak until 5 June 1945 as part of Escort Division 27, which was also under the command of LCDR Trimble.  On 6 June 1945 she was transferred to Commander, Alaska Sea Frontier and proceeded to Seattle for overhaul.  By that time LCDR Trimble had been succeeded in command by CDR Stanley J. Woyciechowsky, USCG on 14 May 1945.     

She arrived in Seattle on 11 June 1945, and was then transferred to Soviet Russia, under Lend-Lease, on 6 July 1945, and departed for Cold Bay, Alaska, arriving there on 19 August 1945, and at Dutch Harbor on the 20th.  She arrived at Petropavlousk, Russia, on 25 August 1945.  The Soviets named her EK-13.

The ship was returned to United States custody by the Soviet Union on 1 November 1949 and was placed in reserve in Japan. With the outbreak of the Korean War, additional escort vessels were needed; and, on 15 September 1950, Sausalito was recommissioned at Yokosuka, Japan.  She served with the U.S. Navy. On 9 June 1952, Sausalito was decommissioned and on 4 September was transferred, on loan, to the Republic of Korea as Imchin (PF-66). She replaced the Korean ship Apnok, ex-USS Rockford (PF-48), which had been irreparably damaged in a collision on 21 May 1951.


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